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World of Tanks and Italeri Strike Again!


World of Tanks and Italeri have once again combined forces to storm the world of model making! With 4 new model kits joining the ranks, surely now’s the time to join our campaign for desk-top domination?


So which new models can I build?

In addition to the original World of Tanks Italeri line, you will now be able to create scale models of two iconic tanks of World War II…

and                  T-34-85  

…and two legends of the post-war era:

Leopard 1Type 59
Leopard 1
and                Type 59


What do I get in the model kits?


 + a bonus code for the T-25 

Type 59

+ a bonus code for 30 days of Premium Account 

Leopard 1

 + a bonus code for 30 days of Premium Account


+ a bonus code for Churchill III


Each set features a 1:35 scale model kit, World of Tanks decals with emblems & inscriptions taken from the game, a mini tank guide on how the tank plays in-game and a World of Tanks PC bonus code plus three invite codes for your friends.

Each invite code contains a T2 Light Tank, 7 days of Premium Account and 1,500– a superb way of introducing an ally to the action!

Check out this new teaser trailer:



Which tank will you proudly assemble, Commanders?