March of Nations Results


With the standings finalized, we're thrilled to reveal the tankers who triumphed in their quest for glory. Check the March of Nations leaderboards in the game client to find out where you rank!


Climbing to the Top 1,000 lands you event-exclusive badges (“Tank Ace” for the top 10 and “Tank Expert” for the top 11–1,000), a fine set of 15 Personal Reserves (to boost XP, Free XP, and Credit earnings), and three days of Premium Account time. If you ranked 1,001–4,000, you aren’t leaving empty-handed either!

  • Places 1,001–2,000: A pack of ten Personal Reserves for Free XP and Credits, and a day of Premium Account time
  • Places 2,001–3,000: Five Personal Reserves for Free XP and a day of Premium Account time
  • Places 3,001–4,000: A day of Premium Account time
NOTE: Rewards will be credited to your account within 14 days after the event ends.

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Thanks for taking part in this event!