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Military Parade: Meet the Trio

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We are thrilled to present to you three special Premium vehicles we have prepared for this year’s Military Parade. Those of you who are interested in history and/or popular culture may recognise these tanks from old photographs and TV. Meet three heroic tanks that contributed to bringing an end to World War II in Europe:



This tank has been modelled to resemble the real Soviet tank that took part in storming Berlin in 1945. In game, it handles very similarly to the Soviet IS and Chinese IS-2, and it is also designated as a Tier VII heavy tank. Just like its brothers, the Premium IS-2 also equips a powerful 122 mm gun. If you have experience in driving Soviet heavies, you will feel quite at home with this tank.

Cromwell B

The Cromwell B was also made to resemble the vehicles that took part in the final Allied push at the end of the war. Gameplay-wise, it does not differ all that much from its standard counterpart – speed and rate of fire will be your primary assets while driving the Cromwell B as well.

Important: Please note that this vehicle does not support inscription customization. However, you can still apply any emblem or camouflage currently available for British vehicles.

T-34-85 “Rudy”

This tank does not really need any introduction, especially if you happen to come from Poland. “Rudy” (“Ginger” in Polish) was the star of the very popular Polish TV series “Czterej Pancerni I Pies” (“Four Tankmen and a Dog”) that originally aired in the second half of the Sixties. The series reached cult status not only in Poland but also in many other countries of the former Soviet Union. Unsurprisingly, the possibility of the legendary 102 making an appearance in World of Tanks has been the subject of many inquiries coming from our player base for a very long time. Now we are happy to be able to give you the opportunity to take command and roll out in the “Rudy” yourself!

Just as was the case for the two aforementioned vehicles, “Rudy” is also quite similar in handling to its counterpart from the Soviet tech tree. If you’re into mid-tier Soviet mediums, you will definitely enjoy driving this legend. Just be careful which crew you assign to the tank!

Important: Please note that every tank comes with a highly trained crew that not only has 100% major qualification for their designated vehicle, but they also have the perk Brothers In Arms fully trained from the very beginning. In addition, the crew of the “Rudy” tank has been modelled and named after the original tankers who manned the vehicle in the TV series. Also note that this vehicle does not support emblem and inscription customization. However, you can still apply any camouflage pattern currently available for Soviet vehicles.

For more information regarding the relevant packages containing these exceptional vehicles, please refer to our dedicated article and/or visit the Premium Shop.


Enjoy the Military Parade, Commanders!