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Military Parade Bonus Code

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It’s time to commemorate the end of the most widespread war in human history. This important historical event deserves attention, and so as well as a huge special offer for you this weekend, we have a little gift for you in the form of a bonus code!

You should use your bonus code as soon as you see this news as our code won’t be valid for long! If you need further information on how to use a bonus code, have a quick look at our dedicated bonus code selection.




(in capital letters)

After inputting the bonus code, you will receive all of the following goods:

  • 1 day of Premium Account
  • x5 Extra Combat Rations
  • x5 Improved Combat Rations
  • x5 Case of Cola
  • x5 Chocolate
  • x5 Strong Coffee
  • x5 Pudding and Tea


You can start using your Premium day and consumables immediately after inputting your code! The bonus code will be only available from 8th May 02:00 CEST (GMT+2) until 16th May 1:59 CEST (GMT+2)! Please bear in mind that the bonus code can be used only once per account.


Commanders, roll out on our battlefields and show us a proper Military Parade with all the trimmings!