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Wargaming on Tour: the MGT-20 Rolls Out!

In the post-gamescom world, only one truck is tough enough to take on Europe…

Now that gamescom 2014 has come to an end it’s time for us to once again hit the road in our tricked-out MGT-20 gaming truck. European tour, anyone? Check out the list of dates and venues in the table below to see where you can rendezvous with our Community Team, get hold of some amazing goodies and play some games. We have also included links to our Flickr accounts for past events. Scout the photos and see if you are in their number!



Galleries (past events)
3-5 June  Normandy Tank Museum, Normandy, France    
7-8 June Le Temps des Hélices, Paris, France   
14-15 June  Wicksteed at War, Kettering, UK   
28-29 June Tankfest, Bovington, UK
10-13 July  Military Zone, Gostyń, Poland   
19-20 July  Carrousel de Saumur, France   
30-31 August SIAF Sielnica, Slovakia  
7 September Stahl auf der Heide, Munster, Germany  
20-21 September Nato Days, Ostrava, Czech Republic  
16-19 October Madrid Games Week, Madrid, Spain  
 TBC Event in Turkey  



As an extra special treat we have also prepared the following infographic with some cool stats about the truck and its tour. Have you been lucky enough to be part of the journey so far?