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Message from Gamescom Arena

Hall #9 dedicated to MMOs is extremely popular with visitors. Some curious guests appear to like the game to the extent that they cannot help playing! Having learnt how to operate the vehicle on the battlefields, newbies are striving to fight seriously. Possibly these potential hardcore WOT-players are eager to win a victory in the Open Tournament held daily at our booth. Every player can play two battles and their best results will be noted down by the people responsible.

By now it is already known that the best result shown yesterday was beaten and the new record set is 2136 XP! The person to have scored this much was using VK 3601 (h). They might become the hero of our winner’s interview we plan for the end of Day 2. Actually they are not the only one. We are also planning to present you video interviews with the developers. Apart from that the second chapter of our Gamescom 2011 Diaries is something not to miss out on.

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