May Specials Be With You


The most joyous of all months will spoil you with plenty of things to do and lots of great rewards. Take a quick sneak peek of what you can expect and don’t forget that the countdown to our 10th Anniversary is still going strong.

May Specials

  • International Workers' Day
  • Top of the Tree
  • Military Parade
  • Choose Your Difficulty
  • XP Fever
  • Play Your Class Right!
International Workers' Day

1–5 May: Let’s start the last full month of spring with a boost for the hard-working men and women inside your beloved machines. "Crew is Crucial" will have you collect extra Crew XP and grant you nice discounts for your crew.


x2 Crew Experience

Top of the Tree

5–20 May & 20 May – 5 June: After some major Tech Tree reshuffling and moving tanks around, our special to get you to the top is back on track. May will have you seeing red with mighty Soviet tank destroyers up to the Object 268, and the T-100 LT line, which is full of sneaky Soviet light tanks.

Military Parade

8–12 May: We are going to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Victory in Europe with a military parade that will not only have a lot of discounts but also a x5 first victory bonus and a better XP to Free XP conversion rate.


Double XP for every win

Choose Your Difficulty

16–19 May: We hope you didn’t skip leg day, or you might not be able to get the most out of this special. Show us how hard you can go and earn extra XP.


Extra XP for your gains! 

XP Fever

23–26 May: It’s a classic and will be back this month to make your Premium tanks sweat and prepare you for a hot summer.


An XP frenzy

Play Your Class Right!

30 May – 2 June: Everyone has a favorite tank class and we know some of you will say SPGs, but unfortunately, this special isn't for you. Maybe show your second favorite some love, because we are going to finish May with some high-class missions. Show us that you know the intricacies of every tank class to collect great XP rewards, consumables, and more.


Plenty of Personal Reserves

Roll Out!

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