[Last Chance] Matchday: Make Predictions, Win Rewards


Our prediction game “Matchday” is back for another football competition between top-division European clubs from August 6 to August 23.


What is Matchday? 

  1. Each week make one free prediction on European football match outcomes, through the dedicated Matchday website.
  2. Complete a simple mission before the match kick-off time to validate the prediction. 
  3. Receive in-game reward sets that differ from week to week for correct matchday predictions.
  4. Unlock or purchase the Challenger Token each week to receive additional predictions. 

Important: After placing your initial weekly prediction, you will receive a simple mission to complete before the match kicks off. Once your mission is activated, it will appear in-game and you will be able to follow your progression in the “Missions” tab in the game client. The mission will be in the “WoT Football League” section.

The team(s) you choose must win to receive the rewards. In the event of a draw, it will be counted as if the team(s) lost.

What is a Challenger Token?

Increase your earnings! Unlock 3 additional predictions each week with the 'Challenger Token' that can be acquired through the Premium Shop with a special 5,500 bundle and the token for free, or by completing an in-game mission

If your 1 free prediction, plus your 3 additional Challenger Token predictions are correct, you will receive 4 sets of rewards in one week!

Even better, the predictions obtained through the Challenger Token don't have to be activated with a mission! You can place your winners as soon as you get the token.

Challenger Token Mission

  • Reward
  • Objective
  • Restrictions
  •  1 Challenger for three additional predictions
  • Win 10 battles in one day
  • Only in Random Battles
  • Once per day
  • Only one token per week

Challenger Token Offer


5,500 Gold
  • 5,500
  •  1 Challenger token
ends in:

Important: If you already did your initial prediction before receiving the Challenger Token, you will still need to activate this very same prediction with a mission. But if you get your token before any prediction, all of them will be free of activation!

The special status provided by the Challenger Token is only valid for the current match week and expires at 23:59 UTC on the Sunday following you receiving them. If you receive a Challenger Token on Thursday, for example, it will expire the following Sunday at 23:59 UTC.

Additionally, it is not possible to accumulate several Challenger Tokens in the same week. If you have already received one token from the package, you will not receive an additional one from the mission and vice-versa.

So, don't wait any longer, get to the Matchday website to place your first prediction and check out the full list of rewards.

 May the football gods be ever in your favor, as always, Roll Out!