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Maintenance: European Server Goes Multi-Cluster

General News
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A maintenance for the game server will be held tomorrow on Wednesday, March 20th starting at 04:00 CET (03:00 GMT) which is expected to last until 07:00 CET (06:00 GMT). During this time the game will be unavailable for play. However, our web portal, the forums and customer support remain unaffected. 

World of Tanks is growing all over the world! After having broken yet another record in terms of concurrent player numbers recently on our Russian side, we’re happy to see the trend continue while more and more people take up the fight on our virtual tank battlefields!

Since Europe has been experiencing steady growth as well, with close to 200,000 tankers online concurrently at peak times, we’re proud to announce today that we’ll be expanding the technical capabilities of our European server to allow for an even greater performance. To achieve this, tomorrow we’ll be switching to a system featuring two server clusters that will host our European players and make room for even more new arrivals!

We only want the best for our players and thus are happy to be able to grow alongside our ever increasing fan base. Adding the new server cluster will make playing for you more convenient by providing greater stability whilst offering the capability to serve more players at a given time.

Note: With the introduction of the additional server, all Clan Wars battles will now take place on the first server. If you’re a Clan Wars player, please check that your game starts properly on this first cluster (WoT EU1) once the second one goes live after tomorrow’s maintenance.
Please remember that all competitive play for eSports games should also only happen exclusively on WoT EU1. 

We’re looking forward to a seamless transition tomorrow and are glad to be preparing to welcome more and more of you in the future on our improved EU servers!

Keep rolling out, Commanders!