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New Feature: Log In Via Social Networks


A new feature is coming to World of Tanks EU! It will let you create a new World of Tanks account or log in with "one-click" using your Facebook or Google+ accounts. Install and start World of Tanks as usual, and the log in screen will display the option to use these services to log in. Set up the account binding, and go! Here’s some additional info about the feature:

Social Network Log In DOES...

  • Let you start World of Tanks without typing email addresses and passwords.
  • Make it easier to switch accounts and play if you share a computer (i.e. for families).
  • Let you log in if you forget your World of Tanks password (password resets are still encouraged!)
  • Save time!

Social Network Log In DOES NOT...

  • Skip account registration (you will be asked to create an account to establish the social network link).
  • Post status updates.
  • Upload/share screenshots or replays.
  • Permanently bind social and Wargaming accounts (you can always unbind in Account Management).
  • Give Wargaming any personal information.
  • Affect account security (accounts remain separate at a basic level. Always keep your passwords safe and unique!).

How to Log In Using Social Networks:

Below the email and password log in brackets you can find a horizontal list which includes 3 options: Facebook, Google+, and ID:


Choosing the ID option will redirect you to the standard Account page.

Using your Google+ log in will redirect you to approve the log in via your Gmail/Google sign in page:

Using your Facebook log in, will redirect you to approve the log in via your Facebook sign in page:

Important: Binding your social network accounts with World of Tanks is a means of speeding up logging in to the game and as a feature, it is completely optional.

FAQ: Social Network Log In

  • Q:  What data received from social networks is stored in Wargaming databases?
    A: Only the account email and social network account identifier are stored (UID). No other data items returned from social networks are stored.
  • Q:  What's the difference between creating an account by clicking a social network button in the game client (1-Click Registration) from the default registration flow?
    A: 1-Click Registration creates an account without a password. Log in to this kind of accounts is performed by clicking social network buttons at ID site or in the game client.
  • Q:  Is it possible to log into an account that was created by clicking on the social network buttons (one-click) using email and password?
    A:  Yes. A user should set an account password on the Account Management page. After setting a password, the user may log in using the account email (displayed in on the Account Management page) and the set password.
  • Q:  I click the button, but there's no option to create a new account; only log in and password are requested.
    A:  Either the email was rejected by the social network and belongs to another existing account, or the social network account does not have a linked email (i.e. it is identified by a phone number only). In this case the only available option is to bind the social network account to an existing account. In order to create a new account using the social network, either the email within the social network profile must be changed, or another social network account must be used.
  • Q: My account has been hacked. What do I do?
    A:  Unbind the social network account from your account on the Account Management page immediately. Even if the account does not have a password, it can still be reset and you can still access your email.
  • Q: What's the purpose of the Wargaming logo button?
    A:  It triggers authentication via the web. When the account is authenticated at web (using any authentication method), the system will switch back to the game client and enter the garage.
  • Q:  I cannot log in to the game using the social network buttons - the page says the game client seems to be closed.
    A:  You are likely using Protected Mode or Enhanced Protected Mode in Internet Explorer, Opera in Turbo Mode, remote proxy servers or similar tools. In these cases the request from a web browser is unable to reach the game client.
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