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Link your Wargaming Account to your Mobile Phone

The security of your Wargaming account is an important concern.  In the past, the best way of ensuring account security was to choose a complex password and to keep it secret from everyone.  We are now pleased to be able to offer another layer of security in the form of linking your account to your mobile phone! When linked, you’ll be sent a unique confirmation code to enter on our page in order to validate all your security sensitive requests. That way we ensure a better account security and stronger fraud protection for everyone.

This new feature will be implemented on Wednesday 31st October.  Adding the feature to your account is completely voluntary and is not just absolutely free, we’ll even give 100 gold to everyone who uses it!


Linking your account to your phone gives you the following:

  • A higher level of security for your account, absolutely free.
  • The ability to quickly regain control of your account should your password or email be compromised by a virus or keylogger.
  • Mobile confirmation for important account security actions (such as password changes), or purchases made through our portal.
  • More features to come!


Before linking your mobile phone to your account, please read all about the security characteristics of the new feature.

Linking your phone to your account is easy and can be done in a few simple steps through your account management page.


Keep your account safe and add a phone to your account soon!  Don’t forget, we’ll even give you 100 gold to say thank you!