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Latency Situation – Update!

Dear Commanders,

Since last week, our continuing efforts to monitor and optimise the network traffic situation to and from our data centres has resulted in significant improvements for the majority of players and regions in Europe. However, we are still receiving troubling reports from some networks and we are very sorry for the disruptions that some of you are still experiencing.

We have not yet completed our work to optimise routing options and we continue to explore the options in relation to further increasing the number of redundant connections to the Internet from our side. We are also looking into additional ways to reach, with faster and more reliable routes, the Internet Service Providers that we see specifically as continuing to have high latency when routing to our data centres. We will keep you updated as this process continues.

Again I would like to apologise for the inconvenience many of you have experienced over the last couple of weeks, primarily on the weekends during peak times, and even more so to those of you who are still experiencing disruptions. I want to assure you that we are doing everything within our power to address the remaining issues as soon as possible.

Realising how uncomfortable and frustrating your game experience can be with packet loss and high latency, I am very grateful for your continued support and patience. As a token of our appreciation for this, we have decided to give one free day of Premium Account to all players, regardless of whether or not they are current paying Premium Account holders.

Between Monday 3rd and Sunday 9th of March, you can take advantage of this Premium Account time. Instead of just adding this day to your account, we prepared this one week slot so that you can use your free Premium Account time when you have time to play. Upon login during this week, your account will be credited with the free day of Premium Account. If you already have existing Premium Account time, then upon login during this week the day will be added on top of your existing time.


Yours sincerely, 

Markus “invino” Schill

Director of Customer Relations Europe