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Last-Minute Preparations to Ultimate Conquest

You have struggled in many fights, demostrating your perfect combat skills and producing spectacular battles. Now it is high time for you to prepare for superior Conquest!

Tomorrow, May 19, World of Tanks starts the ultimate clan war for domination over Global Map territories.

May 19 is the first day of the Ultimate Conquest and goes under the name Redivision of the World - that day clans are free to land at any province of the Global Map. Please, note that your clan must meet the following requirements:

  • It should have at least 15 members;
  • Each of these 15 clan members must have played at least one battle on a tank, higher than Tier 5.

Each clan will have a special Treasury, which will store only the Gold, that is earned on the Global Map. Only the clan commander, his deputy and the treasurer will have access to it: they will be able to distribute the Gold among the deserving clan warriors.

Redivision of the World will begin May 19th, the exact time of its start will be announced later. After that the game on the Global Map will follow the Standard Rules of the Ultimate Conquest on Global Map.

New provinces will be added gradually. The Global Map will have Time Zones, which will be close to the real Time Zones of the territories.

Attention! Following this link you will find the Ultimate Conquest on Global Map - ait will be fully functioning when the maintenance is over (and now you can visit the website to explore its features!). Every player will be able to monitor the events happening on the Global Map after the launch of the Ultimate Conquest.

There are no vehicle or tier limitations on the Global Map. Nevertheless, World of Tanks plans to add special gameplay elements that will diversify vehicle usage.

Polish your gun, wheel you tank out of the shed and get ready for the thrilling Ultimate Conquest on Global Map!

Follow the updates and stay tuned for more World of Tanks!