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KV-5 to be removed

General News
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One of the changes coming with the version 7.5 release is that the Tier 8 Soviet Premium Heavy Tank KV-5 will be removed from the in game store and the gift shop.

All the players who already own the tank or are planning to buy it before the 7.5 release will keep their tank and will still be able to play it.  However, once the update has been released you will no longer be able to purchase this vehicle by any method.

As a result, the clock is now ticking down!  If you were considering purchasing the KV-5 but decided not to - you still have a chance to enrich your collection before it is too late to get one.

Please note: After the release of 7.5, there is a chance that the tank may be revived for special events or other activities held by  Any such opportunities will be announced in the news on our website.

The exact time and date of the 7.5 release are still yet to be announced.  Stay tuned for more information!