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KV-2 Tutorial Video

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What’s that coming over the horizon?  A KV-2?  Quick, run!

The KV-2 has a fearsome reputation in World of Tanks and with good reason – this tank is big and bad and it’s heading straight for you!  Of course, if you are driving the KV-2 and want to have this reaction, then you had better learn how to control the tank!

In this new video, we explain how to get the most of out your KV-2, whether you are top of the battle list or at the bottom.  Learn new tactics and find out which modules will best suit your playstyle.  If you are a newcomer to this tank, there will be plenty here for you and even hardened veterans may pick up a tip or two.  Likewise, if you are simply looking for ways to best avoid and defeat the KV-2, learning its tactics will give you a good advantage.

Now roll out those KV-2s onto the battlefield and see what you can do!