Remembering Kursk: Last Chance to Get the T-34 S


After almost two months of combat, our Kursk event is coming to an end. We're entering the last hours of this historical celebration, and on this occasion, we wanted to thank all the players who made it possible!

Plus, let's remember that an exclusive tank can still be unlocked through the following bundles or through exciting missions. Fairly versatile, the T-34 Shielded can count on a reliable HP pool and knows how to defend itself, thanks to a good DPM and high penetration values. Add good speed on top of that, and you'll have a fearsome Soviet Tier V medium tank!

Add it to your garage right now, as our Kursk event will end 24 August at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2)!

T-34 Shielded Offers

ends in:
ends in:
ends in:

T-34 shielded compensations

Some of you may have noticed that the T-34 shielded is one of the rewards you can get while completing the Kursk Missions. Please note that the following compensations will be applied:

If you purchase one of the bundles above while already owning the T-34 shielded, you will receive  2,200 for the T-34 shielded and 750 for its style sets as compensation.

If you earn the tank after purchasing one of the bundles above, you will receive 880,000 for the T-34 shielded and 300,000 for its style sets.


Roll out!