Have a Look at the Specials of June

Hold on to your commander's seat, tankers!

This June is gonna be a big one. With Frontline and Ranked battles, you already have plenty of battles to look forward to, but we thought new events could not hurt either. That said, we listened to your feedback and went for fewer missions for each special, to keep the challenges more relevant to you. Take a look at the upcoming month below. 

June Specials

  • Crew Boost
  • Hit Them Hard
  • D-Day Special
  • Experience the battle
  • XP Fever
  • Damaging Victory
  • Crew is Crucial
  • Experience Makes Perfect 
  • Tankfest Special
Crew Boost

1-3 June: Let's start with something safe, but always helpful: a focus on Crew Experience to help your tankmen and women grow!


x2 Crew XP

Hit Them Hard

4-10 June: Play, damage, win, repeat. It's all about excellence with this new special.


Various goodies up for grabs

D-Day Special

6-9 June: Commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Normandy landing with us.


x2 XP for your victories

Experience the battle

11-17 June: We hope you guys love puns, 'cause this new special is dedicated to – you've guessed it – experience, in all its forms!


Maximise your XP with Personal Reserves

XP Fever

15-17 June: Once again, the fever is rising. Share the XP virus with your fellow commanders!


Great sums of XP

Damaging Victory

18-24 June: We're on a pun streak. Get ready to charge into battle with your favourite damage dealers during this special.


Barrack Slots and more goodies

Crew is Crucial

22-24 June: Even with the introduction of Crew Books, your crew remains crucial. Time to spoil them.


Bonuses & discounts for your favourite crews

Experience Makes Perfect 

25 June-1 July: The bigger the challenge, the greater the reward. Show us that you can endure the hardest trials to win a lot of XP.


1 massive bag of XP

Tankfest Special

28 June-1 July: The biggest display of historical armoured vehicles is back, and not only in Bovington. You will also be able to enjoy it in-game thanks to missions and discounts.


x4 on your first victory of the day


Roll out!