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July Calendar

General News
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July brings the summer heat and a great selection of specials, contests and events.  This month also sees the kick-off of our new eSports tournaments in which you can win gold and start working towards gaining your European All Star Medal.

Please have a look at the calendar below to see what’s on!


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                        TotM: ARL 44
Easy 8 Reg
M. Metal Reg
   Tank of the Month: ARL 44
        Wartime Surplus
Easy 8 Registration
Mangled Metal Registration
   Guess What  Twitter Quiz     Super 6 Final  
    Tank of the Month: ARL 44
   Guess What Twitter Quiz   Bastille Day
  Hunt us Down   Hunt us Down Kamikaze Contest
Easy 8 Registration
Mangled Metal Registration
    Tank of the Month: ARL 44
Bastille Guess What Twitter Quiz   Wartime Surplus
Kamikaze Contest          
Easy 8 Registration   Easy 8 Playoff  
M. Metal Reg.   Mangled Metal Playoff        
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    Tank of the Month: ARL 44
     Guess What  Twitter Quiz   Battle of Stalingrad   
Hunt us Down Mangled Metal Playoff Hunt us Down   Easy 8 Playoff  

Tank of the Month: ARL 44               
Battle of Stalingrad   Guess What


This Month’s Specials:
  • Tank of the Month: ARL 44 – This month is dedicated to the French Tier 6 heavy tank, the ARL 44.  This is a tank which has been far more successful in World of Tanks than it was in real life!
  • Bastille Day - Celebrate the French national holiday with bonuses for the garage, especially on French tanks!
  • Battle of Stalingrad – In 1942 the battle for Stalingrad took place.  This brutal but vital battle resulted in victory for the Soviet Union but at a huge cost, both in military and civilian casualties.  Swot up on your history and make good use of some discounts!
Wartime Surplus
  • It’s the weekend!  Enjoy some minor discounts and have fun!
This Month’s Contests:
  • Kamikaze! – Show off your best tank-ramming moves and win gold!
This Month's eSports
  • Super 6 Cup – A large team tournament for lower tier tanks.
  • Easy 8 Cup – A tournament using the current official league rules.
  • Mangled Metal Cup – Free-for-all carnage!  This tournament allows you and your team mates to play any vehicles of any tier!
Weekly Events:
  • Twitter Quiz ― Every week we post new questions on our Twitter accounts. Be quick to answer them and win prizes!
  • Guess What ― A contest where you have to find out what tank is hidden on the picture. First one wins!
  • Hunt Us Down ― It is your chance to meet us on the battlefield and hunt us down!