Take a Look at the Specials for July


Summer is officially here, and we selected great activities to extend the fun of World of Tanks to the real and sunny life. Which doesn't mean we'll be on holiday when it comes to creating specials for this July!

Take a sneak peek at our upcoming events here:

July Specials

  • Put Your Experience To Good Use
  • Battle of Guam
  • Decisive Support
  • XP Fever
  • Push Through the Enemy
  • Too Hot to Handle
  • Capture or Destroy
  • Crew is Crucial
  • All-Rounder
Put Your Experience To Good Use

2-8 July: Is there something you can trust more than experience? Probably not! Time to prove it once again with this new special, focused on your score.


Stack some Personal Reserves

Battle of Guam

6-8 July: After the Battle of Monte Cassino, we're going to the Pacific front with a new historical special, dedicated to the Battle of Guam. We listened to your feedback, and we hope you'll find this new version interesting. 


Pick a side and grab the loot

Decisive Support

9-15 July: Dealing damage alone is nice, but winning as a team is even better. If you consider yourself a team player, this new special is here for you!


A nice sum of XP, and more!

XP Fever

13-15 July: Don't forget to hydrate, commanders, or you might catch another XP Fever!


A lot of XP for the grab

Push Through the Enemy

16-22 July: If you like to rush straight to the enemy lines, this new special was made for you. Play aggressive, block damage and triumph!


A great mix of Consumables, Personal Reserves and XP!

Too Hot to Handle

20-22 July: We may not have the strong AC of a mall to refresh you, commanders, but we'll have some great discounts for sure! Keep your eyes peeled for more.


x4 XP on your first victory

Capture or Destroy

23-29 July: This month, we will be experimenting with a thematic week dedicated to a tanking tradition: captured vehicles. You can expect some missions around this weird family of tanks!


Play a captured tank for extra rewards!

Crew is Crucial

27-29 July: We'll start to close the month with a classic among specials: Crew is Crucial. Spread the word to your favourite tankers!


Bonus for your Crew


30 July-05 August: Let's finish with a versatile event. All-Rounder will come with diverse challenges and even more diverse rewards up for grabs.


A great mix of Consumables, Personal Reserves and XP!


Have a great July, and see you on the field, commanders!