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Join Us at Eurogamer 2011 Expo! is glad to invite World of Tanks players to visit Eurogamer 2011 Expo, the UK’s biggest game event arranged by the massive Eurogamer gaming website. The show will be on air from September 22–25th 2011 at Earls Court in London, UK. The visitors of the Expo will have a chance to play World of Tanks on powerful Alienware gaming laptops providing great picture quality and gaming experience.

Moreover, the visitors will have a great opportunity to get the exclusive T-shirts with UK symbolics by! Attend the Expo and get tasty gifts!

“We’ve been looking forward to Eurogamer 2011,” said CEO Victor Kislyi. “The British gamers are among the most active tankmen on our servers, and there’s no better place to meet them at than the biggest gaming show in Britain”.

We welcome our honoured tankers to join us at Eurogamer 2011 Expo; click here to see the way to Earls Court in London.

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