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Japanese Heavy Tanks: Summary


As most of you already know, Japanese reinforcements are about to arrive in World of Tanks – the heavy tank line, to be more precise. And when we say heavy, we mean it! Read further to acquire more information about the brand new super heavy sumo fighters.


I-Go/Chi-Ro (Tier II)

The line starts with this Japanese medium tank. It was produced at the beginning of the 1930s and was in the service of the Imperial Army until the end of WWII. In World of Tanks, it excels by having the highest alpha damage in comparison to its counterparts of the same Tier, a relatively high amount of HP and nice mobility. However, to effectively use the high alpha damage you need to aim at the weaker parts of the enemy tank.


Type 91 (Tier III)

The Type 91 is the first Tier III heavy tank and the first Japanese heavy tank in the game. Its top gun features high damage-per-minute and penetration values. It is generally a beginner-friendly tank and does its job as a heavy tank pretty well. If you find yourself in the upper part of the team list, you can lead the charge against the enemy defences and start taking shots while your team shoots them from the side. Even when facing higher-Tier opponents, you don’t need to be afraid of being useless.


Type 95 (Tier IV)

If you already find the Type 91 interesting, you’ll surely love the next heavy tank in the line. It has the thickest armour of its Tier and high alpha damage. The mobility, however, has been sacrificed in favour of very good armour values. When placed in the middle or top of the team, the Type 95 will be a very dangerous opponent and can turn the outcome of a battle in its team’s favour. When you have to fight against Tier VI vehicles, don’t push the front line but provide support fire for your stronger teammates.


O-I Experimental (Tier V)

The real fun starts here! The O-I Experimental is the very first super-heavy tank of this line. It weighs about 100 tons but thanks to its powerful engine it can accelerate up to 40 km/h quite fast. You can guess from its weight that this tank is really large, meaning that you also have a very high amount of HP for your Tier. The armour itself is quite strong but the angle is almost 90°. You will have the choice between two guns: one with a 75 mm calibre, the other with 100 mm. While you should take the first one if you prefer better damage per minute, the latter is for those who like the higher alpha damage. The purpose of this tank is really simple: go forward, lead the charge and take the damage for your team.


O-I (Tier VI)

Do you think that the good old TOG II* is huge? The O-I makes it look like a small destroyer in front of a battleship! Obviously, this is an upgraded version of the O-I Experimental, featuring better armour (150 mm at the front and back) and higher calibre guns with outstanding penetration and alpha damage. Even its stock gun is quite effective, making the research progress much easier. All following vehicles in this line feature the same characteristics as the O-I: thick armour, great guns, and non-existent mobility. Its tasks are similar to the prototype version, however, its mobility makes it impossible to change flanks. With this heavy tank line, there is no going back!


O-Ni (Tier VII)

A Japanese prototype of a super-heavy tank. Like its predecessors, it is well-armoured but slow, with two guns to choose from. Use the same tactics as with the O-I. Watch out, this tank has two big turrets on the front of the tank, which limit the frontal gun depression, so keep this in mind if you try to shoot while hiding the hull behind a hill.


O-Ho (Tier VIII)

This is a developed version of the super-heavy tank project. The tank’s gameplay is the same as the O-Ni, the armour and the guns were improved once again. Like the O-Ni, the two turrets at the front will limit your gun depression.


Type 4 Heavy (Tier IX)

The predecessor of the Tier X super-heavy tank, the Type 5 Heavy. This tank is a nice opportunity to see what awaits you at the top of the tree: a massive bunker of steel with an extremely powerful gun. It features the highest amount of HP on Tier IX and just like the previous heavy tanks, it’s really, really slow. Watch out for artillery!


Type 5 Heavy (Tier X)

This is it. The top of the Japanese super heavy tank line. The Japanese Maus. The Type 5 Heavy was designed to defend coastal positions and to break through the enemy’s defences, which is reflected in the characteristics of this behemoth. Any commander who is tired of looking for bushes to hide behind or wants to battle even when facing far more enemy tanks should consider trying the Type 5 Heavy. The strong front armour will allow you to take many hits and the 140 mm gun will seriously hurt any enemy tank standing in front of it.