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January Sneak Peek

General News
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As 2014 comes to a close, we begin to look to the New Year and the fantastic features that are coming in January:

Personal Missions

Mid-January will see the addition of Personal Missions that will give you even more reason to carry on the fight! Top prizes for the completion of your tailored tasks include special prize tanks that will only be available through the Personal Missions:

  • StuG IV, Tier V, German Tank Destroyer
  • T28 HTC, Tier VII, American Tank Destroyer
  • T55A, Tier IX, German Medium Tank
  • Object. 260 Tier X, Soviet Heavy Tank


You will also be able to acquire the first ever female crews available in World of Tanks. As well as finally representing female contributions to tank warfare, each female crew member will also come with:

  • 100% training level
  • Enough experience for training an additional perk
  • 1 bunk in the barracks
  • A unique skill called “Sisterhood of Steel” that will work similarly to “Brothers in Arms”

Winter Game Mode

Something stirs in the pixelated wastelands to the north… a new winter game mode is coming to World of Tanks towards the end of January! So far, all we have are some early intelligence reports. They indicate that:

  • The mode will be in a 10 vs 10 format.
  • There will be a unique map for this mode.
  • There will be three unique vehicles representing three unique classes.
  • Everything looks strangely like a tank we used to know called ‘Karl’…

Pay attention to further reports on these developments!

Don’t forget - our rolling End of Year Specials are still ongoing with tons of great discounts and offers. Full details are available in the brand new End of Year Specials Calendar.

Roll Out!