Kids Now Have their Own Models Thanks to Italeri


Remember when you were little tanker kids? We sure do. And our fathers, older brothers, uncles and pretty much every model enthusiast in the family remember it as well. How many models did we ruin playing? How many of them turned into monsters made of glue and paint? Well, these days are now gone thanks to Italeri!

Here comes Click and Go, a new collection specially designed for kids, featuring 1:72 plastic models, a stand base, adhesive stickers, a movable turret, in-game bonus codes and not a drop of glue! The perfect gift for the aspiring commanders out there. 

Start their collection right now with the iconic Sherman and T-34. These 9.90 models feature 3 days of Premium Account, 1 Large Repair Kit, 1 Automatic Fire Extinguisher, 1 barrel of 105-Octane Gasoline, and 1 Invite Code to share with friends.


These products are also available in our store!


Roll out!