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15% Off All World Of Tanks Italeri Model Kits

Christmas, or Tanksmas if you will, is a time for giving, so we're offering you 15% off the entire World of Tanks Italeri Model Kit range if you order between 16 and 22 December! What are you waiting for? Check out the range now—we've even got some highlights below too!


With Italeri model kits you can build famous, in-game tanks including (but not limited to):

  • The Beast from the Far East, the legendary Type 59
  • The best of British, the Cromwell
  • A vast collection of German tanks such as the Tiger I, Leopard and Panther
  • Rolling in from the U S of A, the M4 Sherman and M24 Chaffee
  • And last but not least, serving the Soviet Union, the T-34/85

There are also 2 different scaled collections: the 1:35 and the 1:56!

Each scale tank model kit features World of Tanks decals with emblems & inscriptions taken from the game, a liquid cement for plastic kit, a mini vehicle guide on how the machine plays in-game, and World of Tanks PC bonus and invite codes for your friends!

Also, if you play on Xbox, don’t forget that the 1:56 line comes with a T2 Light Tank, a Garage Slot, and 1 day of Premium Account!


For those braving the high seas, we haven't forgotten about you! You can also have 15% off!

Each ship model kit (scale 1:700) comes with a ship guide including historical references and in-game tips, a liquid cement for plastics kit, in-game bonus and invite codes, and a blueprint wall poster.

PZ.KPFW. VI TIGER - 1:35 scale IJN ATAGO - 1:700 scale PZ.KPFW. V PANTHER - 1:56 scale



So what are you waiting for, commanders?