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IS-5: New Tyrant on the Battlefield


Update 9.8 brings with it a new member of the IS tank family—the IS-5, a new special Tier VIII Premium Vehicle in the Soviet heavy tanks branch.

This is a clan-exclusive vehicle; it will not be available outside of Clan Wars. Players will have a chance to obtain the IS-5 in the upcoming in-game event on the Global Map. Details will be provided separately.

Below you will find the parameters of this tank and some tips how to use it effectively on the battlefield.

Vehicle Features

This tank’s default shell is APCR (Armour Piercing, Composite, Rigid) instead of AP (Armour Piercing), giving it a default armour-piercing rating of 221 mm, compared to 175 mm with the AP shell. The IS-5 can take on almost any opponent, even Tier IX tanks, with confidence.

Relatively good mobility for a heavy tank enables the IS-5 to always position itself in the middle of the action and quickly change positions on the battlefield. The power-to-weight ratio of the vehicle is 14.07 hp/t—one of the best among heavy tanks of Tier VIII; in this parameter, the IS-5 comes second only to the much lighter French heavy tanks.

Armour. The armour on the IS-5 is also impressive and allows the tank to survive in heavy combat. The geometry of the hull and turret will cause your opponents many headaches: in particular, the so-called “pike nose”—the special orientation of the upper glacis plates—ensures a high chance of ricochets.

View Range
The IS-5 has the best view range of the Soviet Tier VIII heavy tanks: 360 metres. While view range is not the strongest point of Soviet heavy tanks, the IS-5 does stand out among its colleagues.

The 122 mm D-25ТАgun has the shortest aim time among the guns of the Soviet Tier VIII heavy tanks. This, combined with good armour-penetration ability, make this gun a reliable weapon in any encounter.


The IS-5 is a premium vehicle, so its combination of increased profitability and good firepower make it an outstanding “harvester” of credits.

Tactical Role on the Battlefield

The stats of the IS-5 make this vehicle a prototypical heavy tank, capable of successful actions both in attack and defense, even when outnumbered. This tank is fast enough to reach a hotspot on the battlefield quickly, while its armour and gun give it a good chance of standing victorious when the dust clears.

The IS-5 tank is a perfect choice for players who prefer an aggressive style of play, including close-range brawling and individual assaults of the enemy defense.

However, considering that the IS-5’s gun is not really that accurate, the tank is best used in close- and middle-range encounters where its firepower will be most effective, and its thick armour give it a good likelihood of surviving.

Historical Note

In the late 1940s, three heavy tanks were in service in the Soviet army: the IS-2, IS-3, and IS-4. But, in the long term, none of them could be considered the main heavy tank. Despite good characteristics, the tested IS-7 turned out to be too heavy. So, at the end of 1948, the GABTU (Main Agency of Automobiles and Tanks of the Ministry of Defense of the Soviet Union) issued an order for a new heavy tank design to be based on the IS-4’s chassis and armour type and have the IS-3’s hull geometry. 

In April of 1949 the first prototype of the IS-5 was created; according to the specifications, the new tank was to be a 50-ton combat vehicle on a 7-track-wheel chassis and with a “pike-nose” hull. The factory test showed that, in general, the prototype met the requirements and performed in a satisfactory manner. The first batch of 10 tanks passed the factory test in 1949; later, in April and May of 1950, the state test took place on the tank proving ground of the Armored Vehicle Research Institute in Kubinka. Following testing, the state commission recommended the vehicle go into serial production as Object 730. After a number of improvements, the tank entered service at the end of 1953.

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Who will prove themselves worthy of taming this metal monstrosity?