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Introducing new game modes! [update]

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Following the recent feedback from our players regarding the new game modes, as well as analysing statistics, our developers are reviewing options for a feature allowing you to express game mode preferences rather than randomly assigning one at the start of each game. We will be sharing more information as development progresses. Keep an eye on this news thread.



Version 7.4 of World of Tanks brings one of the most hotly anticipated new features to the game – new game modes!

From now on, you will have differing battle objectives and missions to achieve with your team.  As well as the capture the opposing base mode that you are familiar with, you will now be able to focus on attacking or defending a single base, or compete with the opposing team to capture the neutral base!

Whenever you enter a battle, the game mode will be chosen randomly from the list of three.  It’s time to learn and implement new tactics and master the new game modes!

The three game modes available now are as follows:

  • Standard Battle – You are familiar with this one already.  Capture the enemy base or destroy all vehicles to win.
  • Assault – Only one team has a base which they must defend.  The opposing team must capture the base or destroy all enemy vehicles before the time limit is up in order to win.
  • Encounter – There is one single neutral base on the map which both teams must try to capture.  The team which captures the base first or destroys all enemy vehicles will win!

Assault and Encounter are only available on certain maps.  Standard battle is available on all maps.

Read more about the new game modes and plan your tactics now!