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Interns at Wargaming

For a week in October, Wargaming Europe had the chance to welcome two students named Léo and Quentin to our offices for work experience. They are fourteen years old and are thoroughly addicted to our games! They spent the time working with the French community team, and kept community coordinators Tanatoy and Rhaya very busy. Each day they posted to the forums as PetitStagiaire1 (Quentin) and PetitStagiaire2 (Léo) – the nicknames literally mean ‘Little Intern’, and they received a warm welcome from the community. Here they talk a little about their experiences.

We arrived at the office at 10:30 on Monday morning and were shown around. We were given computers to use for the week and a camera so that we could take pictures of the inside of the Wargaming office. We were very impressed with the break room which had several Xbox 360s to play games on! We also got to play lots of retro games on the video arcade machine.

 We interviewed lots of different people from all the departments and teams in the company, so we have a good understanding of how everything works. We even saw the marketing team and the very elusive content team.

 Each day, we were in charge of creating a contest for the French-speaking players of both World of Tanks and World of Warplanes. The event in which two Leopard I tanks faced 15 Tier IV tanks was so popular that players had a vote asking the community team to continue doing it! The top players took part in a grand final that had two Tiger 1 tanks facing four Tier IVs.

 For World of Warplanes, we asked the community to post some screenshots to our Twitter account showing their most daring manoeuvres, such as flying full speed under a bridge. We also took part in a match with Tanatoy in which our three Tier VII planes flew against twelve Tier IVs. Let’s just say that we are a long way off from being flying aces!


From all the community team and the French-speaking community, we want to thank Léo and Quentin – it was a wonderful week! We hope to see you again in the future. As Léo said, “See you in five years when I come back to work here!”


Good luck, guys!