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International Military Vehicle Rally in Darłowo [Poland]

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The 15th Summer Historical Military Vehicle Rally in Darłowo, Poland (also known as the International Historical Vehicle Rally) starts on the 25th of June and lasts until the 1st of July.  During this event you will be able to see numerous armored vehicles and even be able to have a ride on some of them! During the event you will also be able to meet our World of Tanks community team!

There are many different vehicles that you will be able to see, but some of the treasures most worth mentioning include the TK, TK3, Sokół 600 and Sokół 1000 which were used by the Polish military, and American vehicles such as the Welis, M113 transport and many more!

The main events start at noon on Friday the 29th when all the guests will be welcomed. The same day you will also be able to witness a reconstruction of a historical tank battle. On Sunday the 30th there will be a full parade of military vehicles. During the day there will be more battle reconstructions and presentations of military equipment. For fans of explosions there will be a pyrotechnical show and to end the show, there will be music. will arrive in force at the event on the 28th. We will have a big 10 x 10 meter tent in which you will be able to play World of Tanks. There will also be a museum tent in which you will be able to watch a number of presentations and learn something new about military history. But that’s not all. During this event there will also be a military catering wagon and tables so that you will be able to take a moment’s rest from all the excitement generated by the tons of steel on tracks and wheels rolling around. For all people who play World of Tanks in the tent, the food from the catering wagon will be for free!

During this event you will also be able to meet members of the Wargaming community and customer support teams. You will be able to meet: Didier ‘WoT_Oddball’ Monin (Community Team Team Lead), Paweł ‘Rishyu’ Sowizdrzal (Polish Community Manager), Karol ‘Falathi’ Wejchert (Polish Community Coordinator), Marek ‘Tuccy’ Tucan (Czech Community Manager), Miguel ‘GeneralBobby’ Budesca (Customer Support Team Lead) and Dorota ‘Carriy’ Pniewska (Polish Customer Support). They will gladly help you out and answer all your questions regarding World of Tanks and other Wargaming projects!

We hope to see a lot of you at the Rally!