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Interactive Special: The Offer Begins!


The poll will run from Monday, 12th August until 19th August.

Two weeks ago, we started to collect votes for the latest edition of the Interactive Special. The poll was available on our official forums for a week. During that time, you had the chance to vote for your favourite vehicle from among all the Tier VII tanks and SPGs available in the game. The votes have now been counted, and we can proudly announce the winner:

Jagdpanther (Germany)

Therefore, for the whole week starting from 12th August, 07:10 CEST to 19th August, 07:00 CEST, the following discounts and bonus will be applied to all tanks from the same branch up to and including the Jagdpanther:

The following tanks will receive a 50% discount:

  • Panzerjäger I, Tier II tank destroyer
  • Marder II, Tier III tank destroyer
  • Hetzer, Tier IV tank destroyer
  • StuG III, Tier V tank destroyer
The VI and VII tier tanks of the branch will receive a 30% discount
  • JagdPz IV, Tier VI tank destroyer
  • Jagdpanther, Tier VII tank destroyer


All of the tanks included in this special will also receive 50% additional crew experience for every battle played with them.

That’s not all!

It is now the turn of our Community Team to pick a tank, which will be featured on the same basis for a week after the JagdpantherInteractive Special finishes.

We have removed the Jagdpanther from the poll, and created a random lottery pick featured by our Community Team members. To find out which tank’s branch will benefit from the discounts and bonuses for a week from 19th August, see the video below!


The poll is to allow everyone the chance to vote on which tanks will appear in the next special. The offer will take place two weeks after the beginning of this poll.

While the special offer is running, a new poll will be open to select the tank for the following interactive special.

After the first week of the special, another week-long bonus will take place, this time focusing on one of the other tanks that has been randomly selected by the Community team.

Once the winning tank has been picked, the discounts and bonus will be applied to all tanks of the same branch up to the chosen one (inclusive) as follows:

  • The initial II to V tier tanks of the branch will get a 50% discount
  • The VI and VII tier tanks of the branch will get a 30% discount
  • And all the tier tanks, including the chosen one (tier VII), will be getting 50% additional crew experience in all games played with them.

Let’s see it better with an example.

Imagine that the most voted tank from the poll is the Tiger P. Players will then benefit from the following discounts and bonus for one week:

II - V Tier tanks

VI and VII Tier tanks

50% discount:

  • Pz. IV
  • Pz. 38 nA
  • Pz. 38 (t)
  • Pz. 35 (t)

30% discount:

  • Tiger P         
  • VK 30.01 P

All these tanks will get 50% additional crew experience.

See you on the battlefields!