[Update] Bonds: The Grand Hunt

Update No.2: The Bonds vault has been emptied entirely. We thank everyone for their participation and we hope that you enjoyed this event!
Update: The First stage is over, and your collected Bonds have been multiplied by 30. The Bonds vault is now open, here's your chance to get your slice of the cake!

Gentlemen, start your engines: the chase is about to begin. As the game is steadily approaching Update 9.22, a new event, The Grand Hunt, is ready to kickoff, granting an opportunity for every tanker to earn a ton of Bonds. Given that 9.22 will mainly be a content update, this is a great chance to fine-tune both newly explored and good-ol’ machines with Directives.

With simple combat missions, the event will become an extra way to earn a rare currency and be fully armed for 9.22. Here’s how the event will work.

Stage I: Generating the prize pool

The first stage of The Grand Hunt starts on 19 January and will last three days. This is where tankers should be particularly active, as it's going to be a decisive period to define how many Bonds you’ll be able to put in your wallet.

By the end Stage I, we'll total all the earned Bonds and increase this number significantly. This very number will form a total prize pool, which every player will eventually fight for. We want to keep full transparency on the progress during this stage, so we’ll put a special counter on the home page that will refresh every hour. This will help you easily trace everyone’s combined efforts.

Stage II: Reaping the prize pool

When the first three days expire, the even better part begins. Every day, you’ll be receiving 2 battle missions:

  1. Play 15 battles per day, where you reach the Top 10 in your team. Fulfilling this task will grant you 100.
  2. Earn 13,000 base XP points daily. This one’s more complicated, but guarantees 150 in your account at the end of the day.

Overall, you’ll have a chance to earn 250 Bonds on a daily basis, until the event comes to a close. When does it happen? That totally depends on your efficiency during the first stage. The Grand Hunt has no strict end date: the more Bonds the community puts into the prize pool, the more days you’ll have to deplete it.

The only strict requirement The Grand Hunt will have is that only vehicles of Tier VI and above will be allowed to enter the event.

The crucial factor here is to remain active and persistent throughout the whole event and enjoy a well-deserved reward. So, hop in and join the chase!