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Honesty is the Best Policy

Advertising or selling World of Tanks game accounts violates Forum Rules and Guidelines, namely point 2.4 “Accounts, Gold/Credits, Pre-order & Promotional codes, Leveling services, Begging.” and Terms of Service part II.

Thus receiving an offer to get a game account from another player, you should bear in mind that this is a scam. First of all, the person who is trying to sell you the account can recover the access to the account whenever they would claim it. In such cases will not be able to balk it.

The scammer can recover the access to the email using the password recovery service.  The same goes for the data regarding game accounts. The seller of the game account may use the same scheme to get it back stating that the account has been stolen. This eventually leads to the situation in which the player who has purchased the account loses the funds spent and the game account.

Remember that honesty is the best policy! Play fair and don’t fall for suspicious offers.