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The Holidays Have Arrived

General News
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The festive season is here, and it's a time for giving. Get them something they REALLY want... the Wargaming Store has everything for budding tankistas. We have restocked and are ready and raring to fulfil your every need in the quest for the perfect gift for those near and dear to you!

Understandably, it's the time of season people want to know what gifts you'd like, and responding can take a while. Well with the Wargaming Store you can create your own wish lists, so you can tell everyone what you want before they even ask.

A brand-spanking new collection of items have also been added including:

  • Swedish Tank T-Shirt
  • World of Tanks Branded Gaming Chair with high value bonus code!

For those of you who also sail the open seas we have:

  • Bismarck Maxi Poster
  • Nautical Polo


And our newest arrival—Wargaming Store gift cards! If you're not sure what you want during the festive season, be the master of your own fate and ask for a gift card!

Enjoy the festive offers and get what you really want!