Final Week of Holiday Ops


Now that the Holiday Ops have been ongoing for multiple weeks, there are only a couple of days left for you to benefit from all those discounts, bonuses, and rewards. Most of them are valid until 14 January at 06:00 CET (UTC+1) but there are some exceptions to that. Let's take a look at them so you won't encounter any surprises later.

Bonuses & Discounts

You can choose a vehicle for the discount until the release of Update 1.4. Those will be highlighted in the tech tree with a % icon. After the deadline, unassigned discounts will vanish. Once this discount is applied it's valid only once; the purchase price will be back to normal when selling this vehicle. Discounts do not stack, only the highest discount applies to this vehicle (if a special discount is as high as the New Year discount, the latter will be used). Follow these steps to apply a discount to a vehicle:

  • Go to the Garage
  • Click on the megaphone icon on the bottom right corner of your screen 
  • This opens your Notification Center
  • Select "General Notifications" on the top left of the pop-up window
  • A list of notification will open
  • FInd the one mentioning your discounts 
  • Click on "To Rewards"
  • Use your % discounts

Female crew members & Simon Claws

The female crew members can only be earned by reaching a higher Festive Atmosphere level, and you can get Simon Claws exclusively through Large Boxes. There is no possibility of buying them directly. You can recruit either of them whenever you want; there is no expiration date. Here is how:

  • Go to the Garage
  • Click on Barracks in the top bar
  • In the left sidebar, click on Recruits (it will be highlighted if you have anyone to recruit)
  • Then, click Recruit on the specific person, choosing their nation, vehicle type, vehicle, and role.

Keep in mind that once you assign any of them to a specific nation, the respective crew member is permanently bound to that specific nation. Of course, you can still change the crew role, trained vehicle, etc. later.

You cannot change the name or picture of either the female crew members or Simon Claws.


It will not be possible to purchase the collection styles directly. The only way to get them is by completing the New Year, Christmas, Magic, or Lunar collections. For each collection you finish, you'll receive a style (see below).

  • Christmas
  • New Year
  • Lunar
  • Magic
Of course, applying a style to a vehicle doesn't mean it's permanently bound to it. As with any other style, you can remove it and put it on another vehicle of your choice.

As for 3D styles, you can only get them through Large Boxes. If you won a 3D style for a vehicle you don't own yet, you can still see it the following way:

Exchanging vehicles

First off, congratulations to all winners of a new Premium vehicle, we hope you enjoy rolling out with them! However, it will not be possible to exchange your Object 252U Defender with the normal Object 252U.


After the end of the event, unopened boxes will be opened automatically, and their contents will be credited to your account. As for gifted Large Boxes, if you accept them after the event is over, they'll also be opened automatically.

Please watch out regarding who you accept Large Boxes from. If you accept the gift but the gifter revokes their purchase, both of your accounts will be locked until this issue is sorted.


Make the most of the last days. Good luck!