Holiday Ops 2021: FAQ



The festive specials have begun! Strap in and don't miss the opportunity to join the Holiday Ops event. Discover a new Garage, take on Missions From Chuck, and collect as many decorations as possible to increase the Festive Atmosphere!

Before you jump in, however, we would first like to clarify several details, quell any concerns, and answer a few of your frequently asked questions.

Large Boxes

Are the 3D styles historical?

All the styles are historically accurate.

Can I get Large Boxes for free?

You cannot, but you can purchase them in the Premium Shop. There are tons of freebies available throughout the Holiday Ops event, such as Small Boxes that contain a different set of items. There are also plenty of community activities and Twitch Drops to get Small Boxes, Premium tanks, and other in-game rewards.

Do Large Boxes include a Level V decoration or another random level decoration?

Each Large Box contains four goodies, three of which never change. These are:

  • 250 
  • A Level V decoration of the respective Collection
  • A random-level decoration of the respective Collection

Can I receive a 3D style twice?

You cannot. However, there are a total of 11 unique 3D styles available this festive season—try to collect them all!

Will I be compensated if I already own the tank?

If you find yourself unwrapping a Premium tank you already own, you will receive its full value in gold as compensation, no matter how many times it happens.

Can I send Large Boxes as a gift?

Yes, of course! Head to the Premium Shop and purchase the item as you would normally. After being prompted to log in to your account, the option to "Purchase as a gift" will be visible. Be sure to add a festive message to your gift!

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Can I simplify Missions From Chuck if they are too hard?

Yes. You can complete the mission by simplifying it if you have already fulfilled the requirements for the easier version. Use 500 Shards (from the Decorider) to simplify it for easier conditions but the same rewards. This option is available twice per mission.

For the Holiday Ops branch: Can I use Collectors' Vehicles and reward vehicles from Personal Missions?

Yes. You can build your own Holiday Ops vehicle branch with up to 6 vehicles from Tiers V—X. These vehicles, depending on their type, will receive special XP bonuses.

Can I apply the credit discount on Collectors' Vehicles as well, or is it only for Tech Tree vehicles?

No. it is just for Tech Tree vehicles.

Is the credit discount permanent?

As with the previous Holiday Ops event, the credit discount does not expire!

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How do I craft decorations with the Large Holidron Decorider?

  1. Break decorations you don’t need and put the Shards into the Decorider to get the ones your Collections lack.
  2. Set the parameters (Level, type, and Collection) for a decoration you want.
  3. Check if there are enough Shards and push the Craft button.

Don’t have anything in particular on your wish list? Pick “Random Collection” and craft a random decoration. It will cost you fewer Shards compared to crafting a specific decoration.

How does the Antiduplicator work?

If you want a 100% chance of getting a decoration that you don't have in your Collection, use Charges. Remember: after each use, the Antiduplicator turns off and you need to turn it back on manually to craft a new decoration without duplication.

The number of Charges you can obtain is limited, so use them wisely to craft only the most necessary and rare decorations!

Do Large Decorations improve the Festive Atmosphere Level?

No. They can be easily confused with classic decorations (Level I–V) that increase your Festive Atmosphere Level. Every Large Decoration only provides an additional 2.5% credits in Random Battles. There are four Large Decorations that can add up to an additional 10% credits in Random Battles.

Find out how to boost your credit earnings by up to 50%.

How do I obtain Large Decorations?  

In Small Boxes or craft them in the Large Holidron Decorider by breaking down unwanted classic decorations (from Levels I–V).

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Does the Chuck Norris commander include unique voice lines from the man himself?

Of course!

Does the Chuck Norris commander's Brothers In Arms perk become active even if other crew members do not have the perk?

You will need the rest of the tank to be manned by a crew with the Brothers In Arms perk.

Are the new vehicles only available in Large Boxes?

Yes, for now. Be one of the first players to pick up the new vehicles.

How do I collect Small Boxes?

Complete Daily Missions, Missions From Chuck and Advent Calendar missions to be rewarded with Small Boxes containing decorations and a load of valuable in-game goodies. There are also plenty of community activities and Twitch Drops to get Small Boxes, Premium tanks, and other in-game rewards.

Do I need to recruit the "old" Snow Maiden before I unlock a new one?

Snow Maidens are unlocked by Festive Atmosphere Levels. Whether or not you have "recruited" the first one does not impact the availability of the next one, as long as you have reached the required Festive Atmosphere Level.

Do the female crew members need to be recruited by a certain date?

There is no limit, even after the Holiday Ops 2021 event has ended.


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