Holiday Ops 2022 Reminder: Make The Most Of The Event!

Cheers, Commanders! The New Year has come, but that doesn’t mean the holiday fun is over! Some of our merry festivities will last from January 10 at 07:00 CET through January 24 at 07:00 CET (UTC+1). Let's see how you can take full advantage of this time.


    Missions From Arnie: You Still Have Time to Finish Them Off!

    This special challenge will be available until January 10 at 07:00 CET (UTC+1), so you still have a good chance of completing it! Remember: All missions are cumulative and can be completed at the same time. If you skipped several tasks or only recently started playing the event, now is the perfect time to jump back in and terminate 'em all in one fell swoop!

    Play hard, fight even harder, and complete Missions From Arnie by January 10 to grab all the cool rewards they offer, including:

    • A stunning decal and cool inscriptions.
    • An exclusive 2D style that features special Marks of Excellence that will replace the default marks on the vehicle's gun.

    • Arnold Schwarzenegger himself as a tank commander with an exclusive voiceover. Our guest of honor comes with three skills—Sixth Sense, Repair, and Brothers in Arms as a zero perk—plus enough XP to learn a fourth skill of your choice.

    You can simplify any of the missions for easier conditions for 1,000 Shards.

    Holiday Ops Collections

    Be sure to also assemble the four Holiday Ops 2022 Collections by January 10. They will earn you four amazing 2D styles and decals for this year. If you’ve reached Festive Atmosphere Level X, you can also complete the Collections of previous years (2018–2021) using Shards to get your hands on the festive styles and decals awarded for each of them!

    Holiday Post: Help Your Friends Build Collections!

    In these last days of the main part of Holiday Ops, remember to send gifts through the Holiday Post to your friends before January 10 to help them complete their Collections. They might lack just a few Small Boxes to assemble full Collections, so your help will be more appreciated than ever!

    If you treated your friends to gifts, make sure to check your personal progression on the Holiday Post feature—you may still have a chance to get a brand-new 2D style! Apply it to your vehicles and show the world what a great friend you are!

    Bonuses to Combat XP, Crew XP, and Free XP

    You can unlock Holiday Ops vehicle slots until January 10 at 07:00 CET (UTC+1). If you haven't unlocked them yet, hurry up, because you still have a good chance of doing so! You can unlock slots in the following ways:

    • By completing five Missions From Arnie
    • By reaching Festive Atmosphere Level V
    • By reaching Festive Atmosphere Level X

    All slots work the same, and for each slot, you can assign any of the following bonuses to XP you earn in Random Battles:

    • +50% to Combat XP
    • +100% to Crew XP
    • +200% to Free XP

    Enjoy Your Bonus to Credits!

    All tanks placed in your Holiday Ops vehicle branch will continue to receive their bonus to credits until January 24 at 07:00 CET (UTC+1). Maximize its value by doing the following:

    • Assembling all four Collections and reaching Festive Atmosphere Level X (gives you a bonus up to 40%)
    • Collecting all the Large Decorations and putting them in their respective slots (gives you a bonus of 2.5% for each Large Decoration)

    Your total bonus to credits when playing in Random Battles can reach up to 50%.

    Bonuses During the Event Extension

    If you have unlocked one or more slots, you can still place vehicles in them to receive the selected bonus to XP in Random Battles, as well as the maximum credit bonus you achieved during the event.

    Changing the vehicle in a slot will be free once a day, while changing it more often will cost you 100,000 credits each time. All vehicles can be placed in the free slots of the branch, except for Premium and rental vehicles.

    Large Boxes: Last Chance to Get Brand-New Vehicles and Other Goodies

    At the end of the main event on January 10 at 07:00 CET (UTC+1), the festive Garage will be disabled, so you will no longer be able to purchase Large Boxes. If you want to get formidable vehicles (including three brand-new Tier VIII heavy tanks), amazing 3D styles, and other valuable items, now is your last chance to grab Large Boxes!

    Event Extension: General Rules

    • The Event Extension will last from January 10 at 07:00 CET through January 24 at 07:00 CET (UTC+1).
    • Once the Event Extension begins, you won’t be able to apply unused credit discounts on researchable vehicles. Be sure to use them before January 10 at 07:00 CET (UTC+1).
    • Any unopened Large Boxes will be opened automatically at the end of the event, even if you don’t log in during the Event Extension. All the items they contain will be stored on your account.
    • Any Large Boxes that you sent as gifts but were not opened by their recipients will be returned to your account and opened automatically.
    • To accept or reject Large Boxes that have been sent to you as gifts, please log in to your account in the Premium Shop or check your email.
    • If you don’t open Small or Large Boxes before the end of Holiday Ops 2022 (Monday, January 10 at 07:00 CET (UTC+1)), the first time you log in to the game client after this date, you will be credited with in-game items from the boxes and those decorations out of Large Boxes that are still missing in your Collections. These decorations will be credited to their respective Collections. If any of the Collections are fully completed by decorations obtained from these Large Boxes, you will receive the respective rewards.
    • All Shards that you got out of Small Boxes and by breaking down decorations will disappear.

    So, I guess this is goodbye—I need to get to my choppa, Commanders! You know, we really did make a great team! Enjoy your festive bonuses, keep warm, and good luck on the battlefield!

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