The Hall of Fame: New Tanks and Features

Hello tankers!

Lately we’ve been working on a set of improvements to the Hall of Fame, based on your comments and suggestions.

We’ve already introduced several new features, including the three key ones below:

  • Several vehicles new to the game now have Hall of Fame ratings
  • You can now access detailed player stats via Service Record ratings
  • Session stats are now available, allowing to monitor your results and ratings almost in real time

Let’s take a closer look at the changes.

New Vehicles in Hall of Fame Ratings, and General Rating Recount

The game has seen lots of vehicles joining the combat since the very first version of the ratings was introduced, be it completely new branches (like Chinese TD’s or Soviet heavies) or substitutions (like the Object 268/4 or the Super Conqueror). Besides, a bunch of Premium tanks were also brought into the fold. We’ve been gathering data on the new vehicles and developing quotients for adequate rating calculation, and we’re now ready to welcome all these tanks in the Hall of Fame.

To sum up, the ratings now have an up-to-date vehicle list. You can compare the best tankers and see what style of play suits each vehicle best.

Check out the Player Rating on Super Conqueror, with SkrzypoVita at the top.

Check out the Player Rating on Object 268 Version 4, with Decha at the top.

Check out the Player Rating on ELC EVEN 90, with aakosh at the top.

Click here to open the full list of newly added vehicles

  • Super Conqueror
  • AMX 65 t
  • AMX M4 mle. 51
  • AMX M4 mle. 54
  • Object 257
  • Object 430U
  • Object 268 Version 4
  • IS-M
  • Object 705
  • Object 705A
  • Object 263
  • Object 430
  • WZ-111G FT
  • T71 CMCD
  • T-29
  • FV217 Badger
  • Caernarvon Action X
  • T92
  • ELC EVEN 90

The update brings one more important addition. As the new rating system has gained in flexibility, the quotients for a range of tanks have been updated to reflect their current battle use. This helped revise the general player rating by Service Record (which remained unchanged since December 2014), considering the new vehicles and the changes to vehicle ratings calculation.

You can familiarize yourself with basic principles and formulas for calculating vehicle ratings and the general rating by Service Record here.

Detailed Player Stats in Achievement Ratings

Previously, if you wanted to know what vehicles a player had used to get their general rating score, as well as their detailed stats, you had to gather data from several different sources.

Now, all this info is a click away (click on a player’s nickname in the general rating list). You’ll get both their basic stats for the chosen period and the tanks they played on. This lets you analyze the best tankers’ info and see their favorite vehicles to improve your own play.

Top Player Ratings

Vehicles that the Top Player brought to battle

Current Day Stats for Random Battles

One of the most exciting new features is being able to monitor your stats almost in real time, with filters for the current game session, yesterday, last month, and throughout the whole time in Random Battles.

Unlike the data for the main Hall of Fame ratings, which is refreshed daily, session ratings data is refreshed within a few minutes after a battle ends (sometimes later—if a large number of battles is being played on a server).

How it works

The Hall of Fame interface includes a special section with data on Random Battles played during the current game session (both in Service Record rating and vehicle rating parts).

Here you can access detailed info on your current game session (aggregated and for every vehicle you’ve played today).

You can trace what impact today’s changes will have on stats and ratings for the current month and the entire period since December 2014. You can also compare your progress within several time intervals.

The ‘statistical day’ in the game starts approximately at 4 AM CEST. The ‘statistical month’ begins at 4 AM CEST of the first day of a calendar month.

As always, please take part in testing the new functions, leave your comments and make suggestions. We intend to improve the Hall of Fame further and we need to know what new features you want the most.