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Here comes the Type 62!

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The team of World of Tanks is delighted to announce that August 12th is the second anniversary of World of Tanks in Russia.  In connection with this anniversary, a number of premium tanks, including the Chinese Type 62 light tank have been cleared for the European battlefields and will be available to you after gamescom. 

The offer will be available from the 24th until the 31st of August.  During this period, this tank along with others will be available for purchase in our Giftshop.

This Chinese light tank was developed in the early 1960s and it had some similarities to the Type 59. The intention was to create a mini version but taking into account the natural differences between heavy and light tanks. This tank saw combat in the Vietnam and Sino-Vietnamese wars, and it remains in active service to this day.

However, we want to focus on the details of the tank’s in-game performance.  For this purpose, we have prepared an amazing video that describes the pros and the cons of this tank:


It is time to see what the Chinese are capable of.  Roll out!