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Heavy Tanks Weekend

General News
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Those of you who prefer to feel the ground shake when a tank is rolling will be very happy this weekend. This weekend is dedicated to tanks that don’t run around like bees but slowly drive to the enemies and take advantage of their size. It doesn’t matter if it’s about a bigger gun, more armor or just the durability that you love about them, this weekend you will see all of these traits more often on our battlefields!

This weekend bonuses will last from 7:30 CEST (5:30 GMT) on the 11th of August till 7:00 CEST (5:00 GMT) on the 14th of August.


You will enjoy the following bonuses:

200% usual income (double income) in credits for the following tanks:
  • VK 3601 (H), German tier VI medium tank
  • ARL 44, French tier VI heavy tank
  • M6, American tier VI heavy tank
  • KV-1S, Soviet tier VI heavy tank


We hope that you’ll enjoy these bonuses and that after this weekend the World of Tanks maps will become flat from the mass of the tanks rolling over them!