Halloween: Welcome to the Realm of Fallen Tanks

With Halloween on the way, the veil between this world and the land of the dead wanes. On the other side, a storm is gathering. The ruler of the armored afterlife, the prime tank Leviathan, rolls slowly across its shattered domain. Countless souls of fallen tanks wage an endless war for the chance to pass to a safe haven, while the spiteful Leviathan nurtures an evil master plan.

Being the steward of the armored afterlife and judge of those toiling therein is no longer enough to quench its eternal hunger. Hungry for more souls to devour, Leviathan gathers an army of minions bent on overtaking the mortal realm. The slow groan of tortured metal is heard through the thinning veil, and its massive tracks crush the rusted hulls of fallen tanks. Its army is ramping up for a battle that will claim the lives of many. They will attack the Gate between worlds when it's most vulnerable—at Halloween.

Get ready to join the ranks of the Gate guardians in a special in-game event this month. Hold back the onslaught of ghostly troops and prevent Leviathan's plans coming to fruition!

The stakes are high, and the battle will be fierce. If you’re up for the challenge, watch for more details coming this week.

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