Wallpaper for Spooktober 2018

Spooktober is upon us. The red moon is rising. The monsters come out of their awful lairs. One thing is for sure: you're not safe, even in a tank!

We're left with two choices: run away or simply embrace the darkness that slowly surrounds us. Who knows? We just might enjoy it! So let's start with a cool wallpaper, just to put you in the mood. After all, Halloween is a dress-up season, and there's no reason for your computer to remain untouched!

Let's enjoy this cool visual featuring an intriguing FV4005 dressed up for the occasion. After all, this tank is pretty scary, just like skeletons. Don't worry though, it's not gonna shoot, but only doot...


Happy Halloween, Commanders! Dress up your tanks and don't get spooked!