Intelligence Report #15: What News From Mirny?


Drop what you're doing—we've just secured an intelligence recording from Mirny! Senior Researcher Hope and the Colonel have been trying to piece together what went down there for some time. Their investigations had almost dried up, but these fresh recordings could spark new leads. It seems Hope has asked her old colleague and British agent Alexander Cartwright to head to Mirny and help speed up the investigations.

Top tip: Stay tuned on the portal for more daily intelligence reports throughout the Halloween event, and listen out for any clues!

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Message Received

The Immortal Isn't immortal

First Sighting of the Immortal

Discovery of a Key

Special Vehicles of the Raven Group

Battle Observed

Tank Fixed Up

Fixing the Tank

King Tiger Acting Up

Bad Dreams

Meeting With a Survivor

First Investigations

About Hope

Arrival in Mirny

Alexander Gets His Mission

Good luck out there, Commanders! Roll Out!

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