Halloween 2021: The Incident in Mirny Continues

The Directorate of Intelligence and Security

Intelligence Information Report

Report Class: Top Secret

Location: Mirny

Reporter: Undercover Agent M., call sign "Scientist"

Report to: Colonel N., Chief Intelligence and Security Officer

I bring to your attention that the group of scientists I have infiltrated has made significant progress in the study of the anomalous space of Mirny and the supernatural armored objects inhabiting it.

This success is largely due to the persistence and extraordinary analytical skills of the Senior Researcher of our scientific panel, Hope. Even though she has certain disagreements with Colonel Gromov, the head of the military operation in Mirny, it has become increasingly obvious that we have come close to answering a burning question: how to neutralize the Immortal.

Currently, scientists are working closely with Mirium and the information derived from the results of expeditions to the anomalous space of Mirny. In particular, we recently became aware of the effect that Mirium has on tank crews. I will provide more details on this phenomenon later.

But, most importantly, as a result of yet unclear circumstances, Hope was able to make significant progress in studying the Immortal’s vulnerabilities and its possible annihilation. She received important information after the raid of Recon Squad #36, which ended tragically. But the group managed to make video recordings of what was happening in Mirny, which served as a catalyst for Hope's further research.

At this point, we know for sure that the research team seems to be able to "pull" the Immortal into a new Phase, where its powerful defense malfunctions. Soon, another group of scouts will head to Mirny—we hope that they will be able to obtain new information and confirm our hypotheses.

Attached to the report is the dossier on Hope and the Colonel, which I have prepared while working undercover. They will help you form a more objective opinion about the motives for their actions and the goals that each of them pursues.

Colonel Gromov

In charge of the military operation in Mirny-13.

Purposeful, demanding and competent officer. Has combat experience. He does not lean toward taking risks, but prefers to act with proven methods.

Disciplined and efficient, can correctly assess the situation at the right moment and make a calculated decision. He tries to save personnel and vehicles, but if the situation requires decisive action, he achieves the objective by all means and force necessary.

During the incident in Mirny-13, he proved himself to be a firm and decisive officer. Without hesitation, he organized reconnaissance and patrol of Mirny-13 by tank groups. Established cooperation with the scientific group.

Top secret

Senior researcher for the Situation Research Center at Mirny-13. Information about her background is classified, access to the data has not yet been obtained.

She is responsible for the research of the new Mirium matter, including practical solutions—development of vehicles to study the anomalous space of Mirny-13 and improvement of the Magnus collector. She is respected both within the scientific team and by military and technical staff.

Top secret

I also report that during previous raids in Mirny, we received updated data on the supernatural armored objects we encountered. We have identified another previously undetected enemy type. I am attaching a description of all currently known hostile objects in a separate dossier.

017-F bis
Object 017-F, code named Hedgehog

Black spherical self-propelled objects, equipped with spikes similar to sea mines. These are characterized with unstable behavior and can attack both in groups and solo. Not armed, but explode on impact with vehicles. They move at high speed, easily changing direction. The relatively knowledgeable behavior of the black spheres implies that they are controlled by something.

Once detected, it is recommended to open fire with all available means of destruction. These objects are not armored and therefore are extremely vulnerable.

Top Secret
Object 017-F bis, code named Alpha Hedgehog

A large spherical self-propelled object. The basic characteristics and behavior are similar to those of ordinary Hedgehogs. They cause increased damage. Once destroyed, they shatter into several Hedgehogs.

When detected, the entire squad is strongly advised to focus on destroying it.

Top Secret
Object 008-R, code named Rabbit

Light combat vehicles that bear the traces of an anomalous effect. They do not engage in combat and retreat if possible. Probably perform the function of scouts. When moving, they leave a fire trail—perhaps they have fuel or lubrication system defects. All attempts to capture a working machine failed—none of those sent to capture one returned. Presumably, they are lightly armored and have high maneuverability.

Top Secret
Object 0019-S, code named Guard

Medium and heavy tanks. In battle, they attack in groups—the more numerous they are, the more aggressively they act. They use quite primitive tactics and therefore are predictable in battle. They pose a threat when they act under the leadership of a command vehicle of an unknown type.

Top Secret
Object 0009-H, code named Hunter

An extremely dangerous enemy combat vehicle that stands out for its size and amazing survivability. It is well protected and has only a few vulnerable spots where it can be damaged.

There were cases when Hunters acted in groups of three. Extremely persistent—they pursue their target until it is destroyed.

Top Secret
Object 0010-M, code named Mosquito

An immobile but deadly colossus stuck in the ground up to its turret. Mosquitoes immediately attack moving targets within their view range and cause devastating damage with their incredibly accurate and powerful guns. It is recommended to outflank these pillars of destruction or attack them from the rear with utmost caution.

Top Secret
Object 000-I, code named the Immortal

Few scouts survived after facing this... tank? Their stories are vague and sometimes contradictory. Some say that the vehicle's size is no less than a four-story building; others report that the combat vehicle is covered with a red haze that keeps one from determining its size. Some claim that this tank has two guns.

The Immortal bears heavy armoring that, so far, no one has managed to penetrate. Its guns cause tremendous damage—the hulls of our tanks that opposed it were destroyed beyond recognition. However, according to unconfirmed information, the scientists managed to find a possible vulnerability of the Immortal.

Top Secret

I’ll provide you with an actual report as soon as I have new information.

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