Halloween 2020: Getting To Grips Guide



Do you think you have what it takes to sneak into the unknown and uncover what happened in the eerie town of Mirny-13?

You'll have to have your wits about you, yet be ready to pounce on any leads found or enemies you encounter. To guide you through this new game mode, eekeeboo is here to breakdown what it’s all about and how to escape Mirny-13 alive, with the maximum amount of Mirium! 

Unfortunately, subtitles are not available for this video. 

How to Play

Destroy Enemies

There are 6 types of enemies you may encounter in battle. Each of them requires special tactics.

Collect Mirium

Mirium is a special matter that is required to activate Magnus. It can be collected from destroyed guards.

Fill Magnus

The collected Mirium must be delivered to Magnus to activate the mechanism to return home.


You will play as a team of 5 (or platoon of 2 to 5) and take on a fearsome team of AI whose sole task is to ensure you have no treats this Halloween. The goal is to progress through as many Phases and collect as much of the mysterious substance known as “Mirium” as you can.

Magnus and Mirium Accumulation

  • Deliver the specified amount of matter to Magnus within the time limit.
  • Magnus changes its location at the beginning of each battle Phase.
  • You will be rewarded for all the Mirium delivered to Magnus.
  • Once you fill Magnus, it will transfer your team to the next battle Phase.
  • If you fail to reach Magnus by the moment of transition, your vehicle will be destroyed.
  • To claim victory, you need to complete all Phases in sequence.

Dealing with Enemies in Mirny-13

Watched the video guide? Good, now let’s summarize what you’re up against and how to deal with each AI:  

A basic enemy with "normal" behaviour.
Do what you need to do to take it down, but don’t waste too much time on these. These can be vicious in groups, so don’t allow yourself to get surrounded. Make sure you finish them off and collect all the Mirium quickly.

This particular enemy type will appear as a Churchill, Sherman, Pershing, Churchill BP, Patton or Caernarvon).

Leader of the Guards; a strong bot with aggressive behaviour.
Use teamwork to even the odds, and try to take it down quickly without losing too much time or HP. Try to avoid letting any of the other AI take advantage of any reckless behaviour.

Materializes in the form of a T28 Prototype.

A fast but weak enemy that tries to escape; can lure players to stronger bots. Has lots of Mirium on board.
Act quickly and decisively, but be wary of getting into a difficult and possibly, no-win situation.

You will recognize this tank as the Luchs.

A fast kamikaze tank that tries to ram into the player and explodes upon contact.
Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge–and if that fails, do a barrel roll. Whatever it takes, don’t let them touch you, and if you can, take them out before they get close. Fortunately, only one shot is needed to destroy them.

Constantly stalks the player who spawned him, until killed.
Like a puppy who knows you’ve got food, this AI will follow you until you give it what it wants–but don’t try to pet this AI, it bites.

This enemy will appear as either a Panther II, E 50 or an E 50M.

A static bot that can spawn on unreachable locations (like roofs or hills) and shoots from long range.
Get yourself to an angle of fire if you can, or just block their line of fire using cover, leaving them perched like an ugly gargoyle.

The Immortal
An indestructible enemy with huge damage and a fiery aura that steals Mirium and inflicts damage.
This one is simple: don't engage with it, don’t go near it, don’t even look at it... and when you see it, RUN! You’ve never seen a tank like this before, but you’ll know it when you see it.

Survivor Tips

Plan the Route

Planning your route wisely will help you meet the time limit. You'll manage to collect Mirium and deliver it to Magnus if you don't waste time.

Work Together

Coordinate your actions. Remember that you can't handle this alone. Provide cover for your allies and keep in mind that the outcome of the entire operation depends on it.

Focus Your Attack

Try attacking as a close-knit striking force by concentrating fire on a single target. Use your auxiliary consumables wisely.


Communication Is Key - Jump On Discord

We all know that teamwork often makes the dreamwork. That's why we're inviting you to set up platoons of 5, instead of the usual 3, and fight alongside each other on the battlefield. 

Coordinate your efforts through dedicated Discord channels that let you join fellow countrymen and women on a new EU server. Join your local stream, get connected, and start wreaking havoc on your enemies!


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