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The Grand Finals: Exclusive AMX 13 57 tank

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The Grand Finals are just a couple of weeks away and we’re already excited! But besides the event we also want to draw your attention to another highlight. There will be a Grand Finals exclusive tank up for grabs: the AMX 13 57. As if that isn’t enticing enough, it also comes with a stylish WGL decal on its turret. Not that this French beauty would need any make-up to look great, of course…


The AMX 13 57 in action

Find detailed information of this tank below:

GeneralArmour valuesGun: 57 mm L/100
  • Hit Points: 890
  • Top Speed: 61 kph
  • Engine power: 250 hp
  • Chance of engine fire: 20%
  • Weight-to-power ratio: 16.78 hp/t
  • Weight/Max. load: 14.9 t/16.45 t
  • Hull traverse speed: 48°/s
  • Turret traverse speed: 45°/s
  • View range: 390 m
  • Radio range: 750 m
  • Hull:
    • Front: 50 mm
    • Side: 20 mm
    • Rear: 15 mm
  • Turret:
    • Front: 40 mm
    • Side: 20 mm
    • Rear: 20 mm
  • Shells per magazine: 8
  • Shell reload time: 1 second
  • Magazine reload time: 16 seconds
  • Rate of Fire: 20.87 shots/min
  • Total amount of shells: 56
  • Average penetration/damage:
    • AP: 143 mm/90 HP
    • APCR: 195 mm/90 HP
  • Accuracy: 0.37 m (per 100 m)
  • Aiming time: 2.3 seconds
  • Vertical gun arc: +12°/-6°


To keep it short: the AMX 13 57 can be easily compared to the AMX 12t, AMX 13 75, and AMX 13 90. It features an 8-shell magazine with a burst potential of 720 HP in just 7 seconds. The 250 hp engine allows it to accelerate quickly, which is extremely useful when retreating after unloading your magazine or simply when you have been spotted while scouting.

Its small profile makes it hard for enemies to hit you. Its profile is especially useful as you don’t have remarkable armour and even less HP so, after 2 or 3 hits, it’s game over for you. The great view range of 390m will help you a lot with your scouting tasks, allowing you to remain a good distance from the enemy tanks.

Of course, don’t forget about all the advantages of a Premium tank. Put in your French crews for light tanks to train them faster and earn insane amounts of credits.

We recommend the following three pieces of equipment for this tank:

  • Coated Optics: Your main job is to scout. This will improve your view range by 10% and therefore your effectiveness in battle.

  • Improved Ventilation: This will improve every single stat of your crew a little bit. And sometimes you just need a little bit more to win.

  • Gun Laying Drive: The second most important part of your tank is its gun. With one-second reload it will definitely help you to land more shots if you need to unload your magazine quickly.

Interested in adding this little fella to your tank collection? You can either attend the event personally to grab it or you can purchase it in the Premium Shop for a few weeks around the Grand Finals. Stay tuned for more information!

Important: Please note that due to the WGL Grand Finals personalization, it is impossible to add any emblems, inscriptions or camouflage patterns on the vehicle. However, the vehicle will have the 5% camouflage bonus active by default. This means that even though the tank cannot be painted, it will enjoy the appropriate camo bonus regardless and free of any charge.

Find a few more pictures of the AMX 13 57 in the gallery below: