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GoHaRu.Com: Angry Babe from France

The SPG with such a romantic name is known as “an angry babe” from France. GoHaRu.Com will help you understand why.

As usual the portal provides not only the historical note on the vehicle but also the comments of experienced World of Tanks players.

Here they go:

dr_Hause[RC]: Being a commander of an artillery-squad I suppose that 155mm gun won't be able to provide a sufficient threat, and won't hold him in cover for long. As opposed to USA SP-gun of the same tier - T92, "splashes" of which can hit enemy tanks wherever you'd like to, you just need to move a little bit. We'll be expecting improved accuracy, aiming and reloading time and certainly "non-gold" AP ammunition, otherwise Lorraine 155 will be used only during Global Map encounters.  

pasha2222 [RED]: I think that this kind of SP-gun can still find its place in the game - in Company Battles as well as in Global Map encounters. It will largely depend on the other combat characteristics of this vehicle. If the piercing rate of this gun is all right, then we can try and stop enemy tanks with AP ammunition. And if not, then we'll need to look at the radius of ground bombs. I mean, if there's a possibility to fire them at arduous zones. In any case - this kind of gun will be able to find itself an application. But what application will it be - is going to be clear only after some game-tests.

If you want to find out more about Lorraine 155 (51) and its reputation among users, go to GoHaRu.Com.