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Global Developer Summit on Clans and the Global Map

General News
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Have you wanted to see improvements to the way Clans work in the game?  Has the complex nature of Clan Wars put your Clan off from becoming involved?

A summit was held from April 3 - 5 at the Wargaming headquarters in Minsk.  Developers and representatives from all five regions attended the meeting, the subject of which was improvements to Clans and the Global Map. During the meeting, feedback, opinions and goals from both the developers and the players of all regions was shared and considered in order to design the way forward.


As a result of the meeting, plans are now in place to improve Clan Wars – to make it more user-friendly and easier to enter into.  The idea of having seasons for Clan Wars was proposed as a means of attracting more participants.

In addition, improvements to basic Clan functionality were also proposed, including Clan treasury logging, Global Map image change and numerous other features to the client and interface.  It is hoped that these changes will make Clans more appealing and easier to run, as well as enhancing the lifespan of them in the game.



Stay tuned for more news on these features in the future!