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Gift Shop Packages for June Week 2


A new week brings new Gift Shop offers! This time we would like to raise your interest in German steel.

Some tankers like to clash with the enemy without delay or hesitation. For them we have something Fast and Furious: the T-25, a formidable Tier V medium tank, which comes with one month of Premium Account access and a free Garage slot. The Tier VIII of the Week will be the famous German Löwe. If you don’t have it in your collection yet, go for it now and get 7 days of premium account access and some automatic fire extinguishers for free!

If you have different dreams though, there is a great opportunity for you to fulfill them. Our Dreams Come True package allows you to buy something very big and heavy, such as a Tier X tank. You also don’t need to worry about catching fire in your new machine, because we will give you some premium automatic extinguishers for free.

For those who just want to speed up their in-game progress a little bit, we have something too! The Booster Package allows you to keep up with your friends, and this time it came with some extra credits that you can spend on consumables or a nice piece of equipment.

Below you will find our temporary Gift Shop offers, which will be available for purchase from 7th June 07:10 CEST (GMT +2) until 14th June 07:00 CEST (GMT +2).

Package Name

Package Content


Tier VIII of the Week

  • Löwe, German Tier VIII Heavy Premium Tank
  • 1 garage slot
  • 7 Days of Premium Account
  • 20 Automatic Fire Extinguishers

43.95 EUR

Dreams Come True

  • Gold: 4,270
  • Credits: 4,270,000
  • 15 Automatic Fire Extinguishers

49.95 EUR

Booster Package

  • 30 Days of Premium Account
  • Gold: 1,500
  • Credits: 2,200,000

31.95 EUR

Fast and Furious

  • T-25, German Medium Tier V Premium Tank
  • 1 garage slot
  • 30 Days of Premium Account

15.95 EUR


Premium account

Having a Premium account allows you to gain more credits and experience per battle so that you progress faster in the game. All the information you need to understand the benefits of a premium account can be found in our guide.



The Skoda T-25 is a Premium German medium tank. It sports quite a good gun in terms of damage and penetration. Unlike other German tanks, the T-25 is characterised by a more than decent gun depression, making hull-down tactics an effective possibility. In addition to this, the vehicle can accelerate up to 60 km/h quite easily and quickly change positions should the necessity arise. If you like to support your team by ambushing and sniping at enemy vehicles, the T-25 is the tank for you!



This premium tank is one of the most commonly spotted premium vehicles in game.  The Lowe is a German tier VIII heavy tank. It is equipped with a 10.5 cm KwK 46 L/70 gun and is one of the best killing machines on the World of Tanks battlefields. The Lowe is also one of the best credit making tanks in the game and is an essential addition to the garage for every tank collector.



As well as these temporary offers, don’t forget the permanent ones! You can always find the following packages in the Gift Shop, regardless of any other offer.




 Premium: One Year

One year of premium account

82.89 EUR

 Premium: Six Months

Six months of premium account

49.09 EUR



  • IS-6, Soviet Tier VIII heavy tank 
  • 1 garage slot


43.99 EUR


T26E4 Super Pershing 


27.27 EUR

5500 gold

5500 gold

19.95 EUR

2500 gold

2500 gold

9.95 EUR


 The IS-6 is a Soviet tier VIII heavy tank. The armour on the tank is relatively thin but it is very well sloped, giving a good defensive capability.   The tank is equipped with the 122 mm D-30 gun.  This has a relatively low penetration, so you will need to adjust your tactics and aim for enemy weak spots, but the gun is capable of delivering a lot of damage with a good rate of fire.


T26E4 Super Pershing 

To get to know this tier American tier VIII medium tank you should watch our video in which we present a detailed review of this powerful beast.



Commanders, whether you want send gifts to your friends or make your own dreams come true, we hope you will enjoy the new packages!