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Gift Shop Packages December 7-22

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As promised at the beginning of the month, we have prepared another short-term Gift Shop package set. Last week’s offers, such as the monthly bonus and T14 are no longer available.  Instead, we have brand new offers for you! Do you love American tanks or would you prefer to sneak up on them and take them by surprise?  Either way, you will love these packages!

This second set of Gift Shop packages for December will be active from 6:30 CET (5:30 GMT) on December 7th until 6:00 CET (5:00 GMT) on December 22nd. The contents of the packages are listed in the table below.

Bundle name Bundle content Bundle price
T34 Heavy Tank T34, American tier VIII heavy tank
1 Garage slot
Premium account: 7 days
Gold: 1500
15x Large Repair Kit
15x Automatic Fire Extinguisher
Panther-M10 Panther-M10, German tier VII medium tank
1 Garage slot
Premium account: 7 days
10x Large Repair Kit
10x Automatic Fire Extinguisher


T34 Heavy Tank Bundle

This vehicle is an American tier VIII heavy tank and is one of the best credit makers in World of Tanks.  It has a relatively poorly armored hull, but really thick armour on the turret.  The 120 mm T53A1 gun has an amazing elevation and depression and combined with the well armoured turret it is perfect for using hull down tactics.  The gun itself has a relatively low reload speed but has very good penetration and delivers crippling amounts of damage with every shot.

The bundle also contains a garage slot for this steel beast. The 7 days of premium should make your life easy with the additional experience and credit gain, while the 1500 gold can be spent on any kind of luxury such gold ammo, camouflages, lengthening the premium account, and many more! The golden consumables are the cherry on top raising your chances on the battlefields! Don’t use them up too fast!



This vehicle was introduced to World of Tanks with the last game update, 8.1. The Panther-M10  is a really bizarre machine at first glance. Everyone will notice that the colour of this tank is not typically German, making it look more like the American tanks. The reason for this is that historically this vehicle was designed to look similar to the M10, making it harder for the Allies to recognise the threat and hence causing confusion behind enemy lines. The vehicle can easily be compared to the Panther tank. The gun of the Panther-M10 is almost the same as the stock gun of the Panther tier VII medium tank available in the German tech tree. The speed limit is just slightly lower for the M10, while the engine power is almost as good as the top engine of the Panther, making it very efficient in travelling from one flank to the other.

This bundle also contains a garage slot and 7 days of premium and also comes with a set of repair kits and fire extinguishers! All of this will make driving with vehicle even more enjoyable!


One way or another, these bundles will come in handy whether you are against the American tanks or for them. Pick a side and roll out onto the battlefields!

Watch out for more news regarding the changes to the Gift Shop that will be published already next week!