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German Prototype Special

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Prototypes, designs and blueprints are a fundamental part of tank production process. These products, very often forgotten, unfinished or dismissed, are the core of our new special offer that will last for a whole week.

Here are the bonuses you will be receiving from 07:30 CEST (05:30 GMT) on Tuesday 4th September until Tuesday 11th September at 07:00 CEST (05:00 GMT):

Whether you drive prototype vehicles or not, there is something here for you!


25% discount on gold consumables
50% discount on credit consumables
50% discount on garage slots
50% discount on the following German vehicles:
  • VK 3601 (H), tier VI medium tank
  • VK 3001 (P), tier VI medium tank
  • VK 3001 (H), tier VI medium tank
  • VK 3002 (DB), tier VII medium tank
  • VK 1602 Leopard, tier IV light tank 
125% profits on credits for the following German vehicles:
  • GW Panther, tier VI SPG 
  • PzKpfw VI Tiger (P), tier VII Heavy tank 
  • VK 2801, tier V light tank
  • PzKpfw VI Tiger, tier VII Heavy tank


Now, let’s have a closer look at the vehicles that are the subject of this special. During the next seven days you will be able to enjoy bonuses on quite a few German vehicle prototypes, and also the PzKpfw VI Tiger, closely related to the prototypes mentioned. A prototype vehicle is by definition a combat vehicle which never left the design phase or had an extremely limited production, usually less than 10 manufactured vehicles.

Most of the selected German vehicles for the occasion can be identified as prototypes from their names. For instance, let’s take the 3001(H). The first two figures mean the weight (in tons) of the vehicle; the second two digits refer to the generation of the vehicle and finally, the initial in brackets refers to the manufacturer.  In the example of the 3001 (H), the name means that it was a 30 ton vehicle, a first generation design and was manufactured by Henschel.

The naming makes it possible to map the design process of the tanks – the process by which a new design was developed from a previous one (called evolution).  Of the tanks featured in this special, we can state that 3001(H) evolved into 3601 (H) to finally become the 4501 (H) – a.k.a. the Tiger I.  Similarly, the 3001 (P) eventually became the 4501 (P) – the Tiger (P). The VK 3002 (DB) was an unsuccessful prototype which never further evolved, unlike the VK 3002 (MW), which became the Panther and was later used as the fundamentals for the GW Panther SPG.  Meanwhile, the Pz II L/M was the origin of two completely different design lines, one leading into the VK 1602 Leopard and other into the VK 2801 “light” tank.


Roll out with these great metal machines and see how formidable they could have been, if they were given the chance!