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Generals: Check out the latest version of the game!

General News
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Word is coming in over the communication channels that World of Tanks Generals is back and better than ever. The latest update to the game implements a series of useful improvements and interesting new features to the game. Check out the full patch notes in a special thread on the World of Tanks Generals forum.

World of Tanks Generals can be played in-browser through the official World of Tanks Generals portal. All you need is a ID and you can sign in and play:


What is new in World of Tanks Generals?

Tutorial PvE Campaign
  • From Update 0.5.0, all new players will land on a Campaign Map featuring a new tutorial PvE campaign. There are seven regions on this map, each region featuring a small set-up Story Mission that conveys core battle mechanics. After the last mission is finished, the player will receive a unique medal and be directed towards regular PvP battles. This will replace the old-style tutorial and you can replay any mission of this campaign anytime, if you wish to.
  • Based on your fantastic feedback and experiences playing the game, Mercenary Cards will be made researchable and purchasable like they were during the Closed Beta Test. Mercenary Cards can now be hired and/or researched only if the preceding cards have been researched too.
Art changes for HQ cards
  • The art for all HQs will be updated to this card type more clearly defined artistically on the home screen, in the research trees and on the battlefield.
Sharing on social networks
  • Each battle result screen and all records in the “Personal File” tab of your profile will now be sharable on your Facebook feed.
Switching languages within the game
  • You can now switch game language from the “Options” menu within the game.
  • Additional language added: Finnish.
  • And much more!

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